Poems Online

“And Before”, “Eulogy”, Watershed Review

“Abattoir Confession”, Drunk Monkeys

“Florida in Winter”, Split Rock Review

“EKG w/o Pulse”, Snapdragon

“Suspended Animation”, The Ilanot Review 

“Night Music”, Ordinary Madness

“Hospice Memory Fugue”, Cheat River Review

“Erasure of a Statement from Harvey Weinstein”, The Southampton Review

“Apologia as Deadbeat Grandfather”, “Southern Gothic”, “The Truth”,  Bridge Eight


Poems in Print

“Blast Radius”, Gyroscope Review

“Lake City, Florida”, Red Flag Poetry

“Let Your Friends Pelt Us With Uncooked Grain”, The Poeming Pigeon

“Rhinoceros”, Stoneboat Literary Journal

“Miniature Dachshund”, Raven Chronicles

“At the Bottom of the Well” and “Barcarolle”, Pantheon Magazine

“At the Summit of Mount Purgatory, Virgil Turns Back”, Tammy

“Self Portrait as Passive-Aggressive Post It Notes on Unrecycled Plastic”, American Chordata